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the world's kitchens!

Nowadays, there are plenty of sources out there to give you good guidance on the places to visit. But what you cannot find in these guides is, "a taste of life." In other words; what it is really like to live a real life there. KitchHike will help you "eat local" - by connecting you to real people, who will invite you into their home ("Kitchen") and give you a taste into a slice of their real life.

Hiker main mini

Why become a HIKER

  • Enjoy local food all over the world!
  • From casual dishes to full course menus.
  • Communicate with locals and even get some inside advice for your trip!
  • One-click reservation for all devices!
  • Who is your darling?
  • No need to run to the exchange!

How do you use KitchHike as a HIKER ?

  • 1. Search

    Find the COOK you want to meet and the MENU you want to eat.

    Hiw hiker search
  • 2. Reservation

    When you find a menu you like, make a reservation by pressing the "BOOK NOW" on the menu page.

    Hiw hiker book now
  • 3. Payment

    Payment is accepted via credit card or PayPal. Everything goes through KitchHike, making it a safe transaction so that you can relax and concentrate on the fun!

    Hiw hiker pay money
  • 4. Communicating with your COOK

    Decide on a date, time and meeting place.

    Hiw hiker exchange messages
  • 5. The KitchHike

    Meet at their home or another place!

    Hiw hiker meet
  • 6. Have a nice "KitchHike"!

    Eat and have fun!

    Hiw hiker kitchhike
  • 7. After the KitchHike

    When back home, please write a review and give your thanks to the COOK!

    Hiw hiker thankyou message
  • 8. Sharing is caring!

    Share your fun memories with your friends.

    Hiw hiker share
  • 9. Register now!

    It just takes 3 minutes to register as a HIKER.

    Hiw be a hiker
    Be a HIKER

Help for HIKERs

  • How do I book a KitchHike?
  • Is KitchHike just for travelers?
  • Is there anything HIKERs should bring for the COOK?
  • Can I get my money back if the KitchHike I booked didn't happen?