'Bonjour', my name is Amal (it means hope in Arabic). I am French and Moroccan. I grew up in Oujda, a Mediterranean city of Morocco. I moved then to the wonderful city of Paris. My husband and I have been living in Tokyo since May 2015 and are happy to discover Japanese culture.

I always invite friends and family to my house. I give also cooking classes. my guests love the aromatic Moroccan meals and the fineness of French dishes that I prepare for them.
I select for you some of my favorite French and Moroccan delights. I would be very happy to share them with you, talk about the origin of each and simply have a funny time!

You are welcome. I Hope to see you soon :).

特別な日に♪モロッコのお祝い料理!Celebrate Morocco with special 'Celebrations meals'

1月7日(土) 12:00

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Thank you for the great dinner! It was really a fantastic time. At first when I went into the room, I could see beautiful night view from the window. Table was decorated nicely with candles. The host, Amal, is very friendly and nice person. We talked about our work, food, and culture in Japan and Europe. We even had small packet of souvenior! Everything tasted good, but my best favorite was the orange crepes. She brought some of the ingredients from her country. I really appreciate her hopitality. She teaches cooking sometimes. I hope to join her cooking class too.




Thank you for providing me your fantastic dinner! I really enjoyed your French menu and lovely conversation. とってもチャーミングで笑顔の素敵なAmalさんが、夜景のきれいなゴージャスなお家で迎えてくれました。お料理だけでなく、フランスから持ってらした素敵な器やお皿にお料理が盛られていて、味だけでなく見た目も楽しめました。総勢5名の楽しい夜の女子会となりました♪またぜひお伺いしたいです!



麻布十番のとってもお洒落なマンションでフランス料理をいただきました。 アマルさんが作るお料理は彩りも美しく、海外製のお皿やテーブルセッティングもとっても素敵です。お味も含めて女性に特にお勧めのメニューです。
Amal-san, thank you for the wonderful dinner! We all had good time! Hope to see you again, soon, too!


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