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    She is from Canada and is working as an English teacher of a kindergarten
    in Hong Kong now.
    This Japanese trip is second time.

    She surprised me twice.
    First she's quite good at wearing a costume masquerade.
    I couldn't think the same person at all.
    As she has read Sailor Moon cartoon from childhood,
    she can speak now Japanese a bit.

    Second she has never cracked egg.
    Because there is an Indonesian's maid in her house.
    So pork isn't also usually eaten and as her father doesn't like fish,
    normally she does not eat fish.
    This KitchHike was only a first experience for her.
    Dry sweet, Odango, Fish, Gobou(burdock)and Nattou!!

    And i surprised her that I have not been to the sky tree yet.
    That place is very near my house, and i can see that always.

    When she aparted from my house ,she said " ojyamashimashita"
    And then She went to the cafe of a owl in Akihabara.