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"Make Our World More Delicious!"

KitchHike is an online platform that connects COOKs and HIKERs.

However, we like to think of KitchHike to be more than just another dot-com system for convenience.

Because we know from our own experience of "KitchHiking" that meeting new people and sitting down to eat with them gives you a truly rich & interesting experience.
KitchHike is a brand-new method - a positive excuse - to spice up your daily life.

We believe KitchHike to be a movement that transforms our daily need to eat into opportunities for enriching our lives!

Help Us!

KitchHike is made & maintained by voluntary members who believe in this idea.

We'd appreciate any help and assistance you can offer us to help us "Make Our World More Delicious!"

1) Make a donation

If you're interested in donating to KitchHike, you can do so here.
We will use it to help us further improve KitchHike and getting more people to join our movement!

Help KitchHike by

2) Contact us!

We have already been fortunate to be approached by people who agree with our vision, and kindly offer us their help.
We appreciate all help that's available. Especially programmers & hackers, web designers, translators, bloggers, photographers, people who will help us find more COOKs to join us, or just want to hear our story & help us get the word out, etc.

We await you!

The KitchHike Team,
Masaya, Shoken, Sally, Kenny