We, a married couple, are living in the heart of Tokyo downtown, have a lot of information for traveling in Tokyo. In addition to Tokyo, we can also help you enjoy Kyoto, the oldest city in Japan, where we were living before. We hope you enjoy your "Kitch Hike"!!

Let's enjoy Japanese meals and "SAKE" with us!

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Our KitchHike experience went above all expectations largely in part to our gracious hosts, Kazuki & Aiko. It was such a wonderful experience for my boyfriend Julian and I to put down the Tokyo guidebooks and step into a beautiful, local home. Despite the many miles between Japan and California, we realized how similar we all were over lots of laughs, friendly conversation and a delicious Shabu Shabu meal! This was such a memorable highlight of our trip, and I would strongly recommend for future "hikers"!



What a wonderful experience! This sweet Japanese couple welcomed me to their home like a friend they have known for years. They cooked up the juicest, yummiest nabe (Japanese hot pot) for me, made sure I always had a full cup of sake on this cold and rainy day and the eggplant starter was divine!

I highly recommend hiking with Maeda-san if you want to experience a slice of real Japan while in Tokyo. The traditional house really adds to the atmosphere and it was wonderful to dine with them on the tatami mats with a view of the small Japanese garden they lovingly designed behind the house.

5* stars from me!!!



We really enjoyed my time with Kazuki and his wife,Aiko! We learned a lot things thanks to them.
The food was extremely tasty and you could feel that traditional atmosphere of Japanese cuisine with a nice garden.
My favorite one is called Akashiyaki which is made of eggs, definetely try to cook it for my family and friends. If you want to experience local tastes and with the people that makes you feel like you already have them as friends in Tokyo, you should pay a visit them. They are excellent cooks that I've ever seen.
Cooking, isn't it the best way to built good relationship?


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