I live with my husband and two dogs.

I have invited many guest in my house since 2007.
I'll serve Japanese home cuisine in a casual with beautiful table set, family-oriented atmosphere.

I can greatly contribute to the enjoyment of your trip.

Please you book after refer following.

■Monday to Friday
Lunch : Unavailable
Dinner : Unavailable

Lunch : Unavailable
Dinner : Unavailable

Lunch : Unavailable
Dinner : Unavailable

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Friendly,Heart-warming treatment,Cheerfully is AIMI.
She prepared something special for our dinner, Fresh spring roll(生春巻き), Deep-fried ball of fish paste(さつま揚げ), Vietnam stewed spareribs(ベトナム風スペアリブ煮込み), Fried rice mixed seafoods and pineapples(シーフードとパイナップルのエスニック炒飯), Lemon-cakes. The dinner is very delicious!! Furthermore, she set the table which decorating Art-flower and Aroma-candles, and It is so luxury and awesome! I'll certainly look for her and her wonderful meals, again;)
We're grateful for her treatment and Kitchhike!!