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旬の鎌倉野菜の小手鞠寿司 に参加しました

This kitchhiking was the wonderful time with Mami's original food! Mami-san is perfect COOK and her house at Kamakura is beautiful.
Foreign tourists of many visited in Kamakura and enjoy historical townscape. There is the Great Buddha in Kamakura. It's one of the most famous statues in Japan.
Highly recommended if you go to Kamakura, thanks Mami-san!



旬の鎌倉野菜の小手鞠寿司 に参加しました

Mami's food is amazing. Mami's house is beautiful. And Mami herself is both amazing and beautiful. She spent about four hours preparing this aesthetically pleasing meal, that was equally pleasing to my taste buds. I tried many foods I had never tried before, and was introduced to vegetables I had never heard of. Truly a unique and wonderful experience. It may seem expensive, but given the quality and time put into preparation, it is absolutely worth it. I highly recommend it. If I could choose one word to describe the experience, it would be "exquisite." You can check out the blog post I wrote about it here:



旬の鎌倉野菜の小手鞠寿司 に参加しました

Amazing!!!!! She was great COOK and host! Her original Ko-Temari Sushi was so beautiful! It was too beautiful to eat soon...! And we could make Ko-Temari Sushi with Mami together, was so exciting experience. All Vegetables were organic from Kamakura area. Some of the Vegetables were very unusual. It was worth to see it. Should visit her when you come to Tokyo or Kamakura area! Highly recommended!