I am designer. I work on COOKPAD (japanese recipe service).

I'm not good at English,but I want to get to know you better.

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Ikumi is very kindness and warmly-treatment person.
She invited us for Special Party, and treated us to 6 sorts of multi coloured triangle rice(ONIGIRI)!

Soybean flour ONIGIRI is covered with soybean flour. The taste is a little sweet and like a Mochi sprinkled with soy flour(Japanese say "きな粉餅")
Dried bonito flakes and Cheese ONIGIRI based bonito flakes mixed with soy source, and filled with melting Cheese.
Perilla and Fried Chicken ONIGIRI rolled in Perilla and filled with Fried Chichken.( The Perilla is home-made!)
A Pickled plum ONIGIRI. It is very sour but, the most popular filling.
Tempura ONIGIRI flavoured Mentsuyu, mixed with Tenkasu. The taste is like a Tempura, and some hidden taste makes this ONIGIRI rich tasty;)
Sesami and Sesami-oil ONIGIRI flavoured Sesami-oil and sprinkled with Sesami.

All of ONIGIRI are very unique and yummy! If you wanna try Japanese traditional or unique foods, I recommend IKUMI's ONIGIRI party! You must enjoy a mealtime! Thanks for your kindness, IKUMI;)