Nora & Nathan

German/American family that love living in the SF Bay Area and eating delicious food!

Come join us for a unique experience aboard our Houseboat on the San Francisco Bay. We live in Sausalito's world famous Houseboat community! If you take the Ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito enjoy some afternoon shopping in downtown Sausalito while working up your appetite.

We will arrange picking you up downtown Sausaltio with our car, just let us know when and where to get you!

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I had a floating lunch with my friends on Nora's houseboat !!
She cooked traditional Spanish paella for us. Nora is a great cook and host.
The ingredients were so fresh, we could enjoy her savory dish.
Her hospitality was so warm and natural, so I felt her houseboat was cozy.
It deserves to visit her and eat her home-made meals.

KitchHike User


I recommend this cook to all people.

Everything is better than a restaurant. It's because she is making pizza every week.

I had three kinds of pizza. The first are pear, blue cheese and walnut pizza. The second are tomato sauce and salami pizza. The ends are ham, mushroom and onion pizza.

The ingredients fresh and excellent in quality were used.

When you have a meal with them,
you will feel time is more slowly than daily.

They live in the boat along a sea.
It's very nice and is the atmosphere different from a city. They make the family more important than work.