I am a Spanish teacher in La Paz, Bolivia. I host guests from all around the world in my house and I offer them Spanish lessons and city tours while they stay with my family.

They could also take cooking lessons with my wife, who is a great cook.

We would love to host Japanese students and travellers who would like to get to know bolivian culture through Spanish lessons and bolivian cuisine.

Try Bolivian typical cuisine while you stay with us

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We had chicken with special spice source, giant corns, potatoes and fresh pineapple juice! It was very delicious.
William's family welcomed us very kindly. We learned some short conversation in Spanish during meal as he is a Spanish teacher!
William took us around the city of La Paz after lunch. Thanks to his guide, we could have very good time walking around the city for 3 hours and could learn a lot of things like Bolivian culture, history and geography in English. He is a fantastic tour guide.
After his tour, we went to the local restaurant which he recommended us and had a tasty local dishes and beer.
We really appreciate his kindness.



I enjoyed staying with his familly and studying spanish here. and also could have a delicious Bolivian dish. that day was christmas, so I could eat special one :)) I especially recommend Bolivian dish to meat and potato lovers. I'm sure you'd like it!



We visited William's house! They are very friendly and kind to us. William is really helpful and his family’s hospitality made our stay comfortable. Especially, the food his wife cooked really really delicious and we could experience Bolivian Food. Should go to their house and try their home made food if you stay at La Paz! It's real experience in Bolivia!

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