MY is an organization that aims at bridging the gaps to enable children in Bognayil to find, pursue and realize their MY DREAMs.
Ghanaian local dishes to be listed shortly are all cooked by mothers of children who go to MY DREAM School. Your purchase of our cooking experience package will contribute to MY's projects in education and health for children.
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Zak and his family warmly welcomed us to their house with hospitality. The traditional and local food was delicious – a maize flour dish, what-is-called, Tou Zaafi, in short, ‘TZ’, accompanied by two types of soups – okra stew and dried okra and groundnuts soup.
We had a great time in Bognayili village – with very friendly and kind people, especially cute and charm children. We could observe their real lives in a village, Northern Ghana. Thank you very much!