I am on the early 50th. Till I got married, I was traveling many countries by myself, and I had some chances to work in the French restaurants and Swiss restaurant in Canada and England. After I had my first kid, I was going to a college in order to get a lisence as a dietitian.
I had worked as a dietitian many years though now I am doing cateling business at home .

I love meeting people, travelling abroad, eating local food, and serving people.

In case if you like to visit me one the way to Hakone, I can pick you up at Odawara station. It is about 20 mins drive from Odawara st to my house.
My house is a very ordinary Japanese house. I have a dog and a bird inside.
They do not hurt you. Hope you love them, too.

【COOK】One plate lunch

11月24日(月) 12:00

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We had a wonderful time today. The lunch was delicious : we could enjoy prepared fresh vegetables from the garden - juicy and tasty, some japanese prepared sushi rice, tofu-chicken hamburger and many other small japanese delicacies in a very friendly and hospitable atmosphere. All this was trumped by the interesting conversation about Japan, its culture and the world. Once again, thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to enjoy the genuine Japanese home cooking !



nice location, nice house, nice host, of course very nice food! this lunch was fresh and healthy not only the taste but also the appearance. the host explained us how to get and cook it kindly. you can eat many kind of delicious dishes though there will be only one plate. I really recommend people who are missing mother's cook to come here!




A wonderful lunch with a wonderful host. The food was amazingly fresh, the ambiance was as cozy as can be and the company was just the kind of interaction you would hope for in this kind of a situation.

You can tell that everything on our menu was very well throughout, from the ingredients to the preparation, a lot of care and love was put into the whole process. Extremely happy to have been able to share a meal with our gracious cook, cant wait to visit once again!

Could not have had a better start to my KitchenHike mania.


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