Daisuke & Shino

We are couple living in Tokyo who like drinking & music. We hope to have an opportunity to not only introduce Japanese regular diet to foreign people, but talk about a lot about each other's culture through what we cook.

Japanese Tapas & Sake

8月23日(火) 18:00

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Chuan Fei


I never have such experience,first-time meet strangers,try to communicate, get more fun by music and cooking,thank you Daisuke and Shino and your lovely friends,Nathan and I do feel you guys are our friends in Japan. If you plan to visit Taiwan,please let us know.
Ps.We forgot to learn Shino's chickenham.




I had a fantastic time with Shino & Daisuke -- the time really flew by! They're really fun and comfortable hosts, and Shino helped me prepare some of the dishes and patiently answered all my cooking questions. The food was delicious and the conversation was great, and at the end of the evening they helped me get the right train and walked me to the station! So glad I chose to eat with Shino & Daisuke!



I visited Daisuke and Shino with two friends at their home. We enjoyed every little thing about our evening there! The food was great and so much! They are master cooks and great hosts. Would come again! :)


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