Hi, I'm Luís!
I'm enthusiastic about cooking, love traveling and meet new people.
I'm very curious and interested on almost any subject. Having a nice meal with friends is one of my favorite things to do.
See you on my table....

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Luis is a great COOK! Super!!! He and his wife are really nice / kind / friendly /helpful and very creative!! we were very impressed by his sense of creativity and great hospitality! He made an authentic Portugalian food for us, the food was really delicious! It's perfect KitchHike experience! When we visit to Lisbon again, we wanna visit him again definitelly!

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I had a great and happy time for Luis and delicious dinner.

There are example of his kindness.
First he talked slowly because he found I could not speak English very well.
So we enjoyed talking.

Second he bought beers before our dinner by secret
because I talked him about I became headache when I drank wine and sun glia .

Third he called a taxi after dinner and he said taxi driver my hotel.
I went back safety.

And I was relax for his family.
His wife was so kind too
And his baby was so beautiful
I was glad to be friend with them.