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Sayori was a great host and cook. A friend of her joined us, and we chatted about daily life in Japan and in the US while she cooked our meal. It was an interesting look at normal Japanese life. The meal itself was simple yet elegant and most of all Oishii (DELICIOUS). She started with tea and a salad dish and finish with salmon fried rice and ice cream! As the night continued we continued our conversation of daily life finding interesting similarities and differences between our two cultures! I would recommend stopping by and joining Sayori for a night of home cooked food!



We had the chance to cook our diner with Sayori. It was a very entertaining and interesting time. We learned a lot and had fun with Sayori. She is very open-minded and easy-going, she is also a very good cook using simple and delicious products. We liked the menu because she picked up dishes that we will be able to cook again at home. Thank you to her for introducing us to local Japan! We had a great time!



Sayori made us a wonderful Japanese home cooked meal. We were truly impressed. She was kind enough to pick us up from the metro station and when we arrived at her home, she already had some delicious little snacks ready. She then cooked us a wonderful traditional tofu pot with vegetables, the best rice (with salmon) we've eaten during our trip in Japan and many lovely side dishes (see the photo for how amazing they looked). We we truly impressed by her cooking skills, she was very friendly and it was great to exchange stories about our cultures (and by the way, she is also a great photographer, don't forget to ask her about the pictures she takes).