The Japanese home style cooking class in English.

I teach Japanese traditional homemade menus of dishes which you can cook in 20 minutes.

Also you can learn basic Japanese cuisine like how to cook soup-stock (Dashi), how to wash the rice.

We will have fun tasting time while talking about foods, each countries, and Japanese culture and so on.


1) I do not know basic of Japanese cuisine. (how to make soup-stock, about kind of seasonings?)

2) I want to make a community and learn the Japanese through cooking.

3) I want to take a Japanese lunch (Obento) for my kids.

4) I want to learn “Hospitality recipe”=Omotenashi Recipe


Visiting Japanese home where is cross to Sagamiono station (around 5minutes).
I teach cooking with English at my home
It is small classes and I am cherish a homelike atmosphere.
After applying,I will send you the map of my home.

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I had a very nice experience learning from Noriko how to make several traditional Japanese foods, such as sushi and miso soup. All aspects of the lesson were excellent: Noriko was well-prepared for the lesson, her kitchen is large and well-equiped, it was easy to communicate with her (her English is fantastic), and she is both friendly and knowledgable about cooking. I was impressed because besides the basic steps, she also taught many small techniques which I never had heard of before. I would definitely recommend taking a lesson with Noriko if you have the chance!