Love Kimono. Love Japanese culture. Hope a lot of people will love Japan and Japanese culture.


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I'd highly recommend cooking with Yui, our most lovely and welcoming host. We got to make our own sushi rolls and also make a street food favourite, takoyaki or grilled octopus balls! My friend also got to wear a beautiful kimono. After our meal, Yui took us on a quick tour around her neighbourhood. We got to see a part of Tokyo that few tourists get to experience – where the old and new merge together. Thank you so much Yui for hosting us and letting us cook with you in your home! It is easily our most memorable experience so far in Japan!



Yui is great COOK and host! She is really kind,warm and sophisticated! She told us how to make Temaki-sushi, it's quite interesting! Easy but very fun! She works as a professional Kimono(着物), Japanese traditional clothing. My friend tried to wear that beautiful clothing. It was amazing experience!!! We couldn't stop taking pictures.:-)
And her place is so authentic and historical area. We felt the atmosphere of another face of Tokyo. On the way to the nearest station, she show us many local shops around there.
if you wanna touch “Real life in Tokyo”, must try Yui's listing!