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Japanese hot pot and Dessert に参加しました

I really enjoyed my time cooking and eating with Shinya, it was both delicious and interesting. Shinya is a very friendly person and I felt really welcome in his house. The house is very traditional and is in a lovely old area of Tokyo. We cooked together and I learnt how to use a Japanese knife, how to make Yukimi Nabe and I loved it. We talked a lot, about Japanese culture, cinema and history. Shinya is a fun and well read person. Thank you Shinya, it was great !



Japanese hot pot and Dessert に参加しました

On 11 sept 2016 we had a dinner with Shinya san, it was our first time to have a meal with a japanese people, so we feel a little excited about it..we also doesn`t have any topics so that makes we a little nervous. when we arrived all of them are japanese, there are 7 japanese ><
so i feel more nervous, but it seems my friends doesn`t feel that xD
so they let us in and we help them to prepare the dinner. Shinya san really a nice person and so funny,, we have a very good meal, so delicious, i even try a natto because Bencho san like it so much.
Even at the beginning i don`t know what should i talk,,but surprisingly we have a really good talk, and we even had a topic that i never expect before,, seriously shinya san and friends really are nice and funny, our jokes also match,,i laughed a lot that night and already feels like I`m in my own home.
i told that i love Hijikata Toshizou so much and then Shinya san gladly told me the story about him,,and also his friend Mr I`m A Man hahahha he`s so funny..i`m so glad that Selena choose Shinya san`s house for the dinner,,all of them was perfect..i really have a good time with them,,this memory, i`ll keep it in my mind forever, really thank u so much Shinya san, Keiji san, Yasuo san. Michiko san, Bencho san, Piyo chan and ..... *gomen xD i don`t remember your name *hiks
thanks again for the delicious meal,, and of course the dessert,,,now i want to eat grape hahha but yup it`s truly expensive.

So if u want to have a great meal with a great japanese companion,,just choose Shinya san :D he`s so nice and funny and u will have a great experience :D


The next time I go to Japan, I will go to Shinya-san`s place again. Will try another Japanese food over there, talk about a lot of different thing, smile, laugh, and make a fuss in there XD


It`s very fun dinner. Thank you for the delicious dinner. I eat that I never eat before, very interesting. ^^
Shinya-san also very friendly and we very enjoying the dinner time.
- Marcellina / Selena



Japanese hot pot and Dessert に参加しました

We have had a great time with Shinya! The food, including tofu, edamame, and roasted chicken, were so Japanese and tasted really good! Shinya is very friendly and good at talking! We talked about several issues about the Japanese society and culture! I learned a lot from him and thought communication is the best way to enhance mutual-trust : )