Ohayooo minnasan!!!
Hashimemashite watashiwa ploy desu
watashiwa cooking sukidesu
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu

Thank you for visiting us :)

My name is Ploy, I am Thai
I have been in Bangkok since when i was born
I would love to cook and bake a bakery. I started cooking when i was young and my teacher is my mom, she is the best teacher. But not only that i myself learned how to cook food through trial and error.
If you want to know further information about me
You can contact me all the time :)

I hope we will see you next time!!!
let's enjoy our cooking

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Tom yam kroong, Yam woon sen and Thai omelet に参加しました

I had awesome and delicious time on Ploy's dining.:) Ploy who treated Thai meals us is so sweet girl and Best who is her boy friend is so gentle guy! Actually, I used to eat Thai meals at local restaurant everyday when I stayed in Bangkok, but I had never got chance to cook it until then. Fortunately, I found KitchHike that gave me this awesome experience. I could not only eat authentic Thai cuisine but try to cook soup from source of Tom Yam since sweet Thai girl taught me how to make it. Why don't you explore her dining right now!:) Kob Khun Mak ka, Ploy and Best. タイ人の大学生の女の子と彼氏にタイ料理を作ってもらいました。私事でタイに長期間滞在していたため、毎日のようにローカルレストランで本場のタイ料理を食べていましたが、実際にタイ料理を作る機会にはなかなか恵まれませんでした。しかし、今回KitchHikeを利用したことで、タイ人指導の元、トムヤムクンのダシ?から作ることができてとても楽しかったです。Cookもとても優しかったです。ぜひバンコクを訪れた際は彼らにコンタクトを取ってみてください:)



Tom yam kroong, Yam woon sen and Thai omelet に参加しました

We really enjoyed Thai style cooking and dine. Ploy is very cute and warm person, and Best is nice guy. They are interested in Japan culture, so we talked about Japan. e.g. アニメ.
Of course , the cuisine is very good, especially I like Tom yam kung.
If you go to Thailand, I recommend contact to her.