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Japanese Seasonal Tapas With Wine に参加しました




Japanese Seasonal Tapas With Wine に参加しました

I had soo much fun yesterday doing a KitchHike with my friend Yumi. Our host, Kazu, went above and beyond in preparing a delectable and scrumptious multi-course Japanese dinner for us. The otoushi consisted of sea-eel and cucumber, was very fresh and great, and his appetizer, which consisted of homemade cured ham, sake-flavored cream cheese, soft roe, oyster, and anglefish liver was delectible. In all the foods we ate, I could sense Kazu's hard work-effort in the dishes he served. He prepared a wonderful plate of freshly-caught sashimi for us, the best sashimi I have eaten in Japan, as well as some wonderful hashi-yasume, which is simmered eggplant. Also, he made an excellent waggyu tataki salad. For the main course, Kazu prepared a wonderful Salmon and Chicken in Sake-kasu, and homemade sastuma-age. I never had eaten sake-chicken until yesterday, and now I am hooked. Kazu made a wonderful apple pie for dessert, along with some delicious home-made matcha pudding.

Aside from how delicious the food was, Kazu also had a very nice setting for the meal. His home was so nicely decorated and comfortable, the lighting was perfect, and he had wonderful music playing during the meal. Kazu himself is such a kind and great person, and we had lovely chats together about Japanese life. This is my first time coming to a Japanese person's home for a meal, and the experience was unforgettable. I am so grateful for yesterday's meal, and I cannot wait to do KitchHike again!



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I and my American friend visited him for dinner. It was held in Asakusa area, where foreign travelers definitely should put in their bucket list to visit. He is working for a Japanese restaurant for many years that HIKER can enjoy both Japanese local home experience and high quality of Japanese food. All HIKERs will be amazed by his hospitality also.
He is really good at coordinating the food and Sake (alcohol) that those who want to try / enjoy the harmony of them, definitely should visit him. Highly recommended!!