I am friendly and happy funny guy, sociable and love to travel to meet different kinds of people and culture. I wanted to showcase the Filipino food with much hospitality and making your tummy full and satisfied.

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We had so much fun time and delicious meal with Jumaru this time!! The meal he made "Caldereta", which kind of
Japanese beef stew, the taste was amazing of course:), and most amazing was how to cook it. He put liver, liver paste,
chili and peanut butter on it!! I had no idea how taste it is at first... but was just amazing!!!! you should try it!!:D

I'm so thanksful for Jumaru san to make our Sunday more happier!! Hope to have his class again:))



I went to his house with my friend. Our first host was juma! And, we're first hiker for juma!
Then,we ate the beef stew which includes liver paste.
It's sooooooo delicious and novel!!

Actually, after having eaten stew, we made a halo-halo which is philippine dessert by ourselves!
It's to delicious too!

We had a very special experience which include chatting, sharing our opinion.

Everybody should certainly go!I recommend !