Hi!!! My place is standing near the station, so it is really convenient to visit for guests. Please come and see me like visiting your friends.

I am a member of accounting team in a web consulting company. I love to go out and eat Asian foods very much. Especially Vietnam and Indonesian foods. I love to chat with good meals and get to know the people who are interested in cultural differences. I have two kids, 5 and 11. I really like to share the time and meals with guests. I hope to see you soon!!

I normally accept guests on weekend but it depends on my schedule.
Please ask me about weekdays if you want to visit me without hesitation.

Teriyaki Chicken

11月27日(金) 18:00

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My first dinner in Osaka was spent with Tae and her two adorable daughters! We had Takoyaki a very Kansai dish!, I never had Takoyaki, so it was an experience to eat it and watch it be made! I spent the night learning about the interesting culture Osaka and Kansai. It was really interesting to learn about the differences in language that the Kansai people spoke than the people from the Tokyo region. Her explanation of the region was shown throughout my travels and exhibited by the passionate people of the Kansai region. Also her two daughters perform a few magic tricks! So you can't go wrong with a dinner and a show! I had a enlightening night and recommend Tae for any Kitchhikers!



This was an amazing experience !

Tae really organized a party to go with the party menu ! We met her family and friends. There were so many people and we really felt like we were visiting friends ! We made new friends, ate so well (everything was incredibly good ! Oishii !!!), had great drinks, laughed a lot and had so much fun !
Both my friend and I would recommend to book with Tae as you will really feel like home in her home !
We will definitely come again to visit and practise our Japanese !

Tae, it was a real pleasure ! You are the best host ever ! =D



it was a cozy and lovely night.
we met a lot of new friends who love food.
Tae is one of the best people we met in Osaka.

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