Midori Nukimizu
Midori Nukumizu is a Kyoto native who has spent many years studying and specializing in South East Asian cuisine. Midori has lived in Singapore where she operated a successful cooking studio focusing on Japanese cuisine and South East Asian cuisine. Midori, upon returning to Kyoto, has started a lovely cooking studio called Bunga Hijau. Cooking classes are set in a traditional Kyoto Machiya (Traditional Kyoto House) right in the city! Centrally located in Shijyou Karasuma, Midori offers fun cooking courses that can be customized. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the culture! Please contact BungaHijau Asia Cooking Studio at KitchenHike for bookings and details.

アジア料理研究家 BungaHijauアジア料理スタジオ主宰