Hello! I’m doing Nutrition consultant job and doing Cooking teacher in Kyoto . I'm living with my husband and my son born on 2014.
Most of our home-cooking are Japanese home-dishes, and I'm good at cooking healthy menus especially Kyoto-style local cuisines use local produce.
Please let me know if you are vegan or have any allergy. I can arrange special menu for you.
I do love traveling abroad and would like to know many people from all over the world through this service.

こんにちは!京都で栄養コンサルタントと料理教室の講師をしています。旦那様と2014年に生まれた息子と3人暮らし。家での料理は家庭料理の和食が中心でヘルシーな料理、特に地元の食材を使った京都のおそうざい “おばんざい” が得意です。食事制限(アレルギーやビーガンなど)も対応できます!

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Yoriko was very friendly, she is very healthy and count every calories intake which is a good thing as we were trying to diet as well :) but her cooking was very good, and the taste was just as good as normal cooking.
we chat a lot as we are around the same age, and her little boy is super cute!
hope you will have lots of visit after us!



Yoriko and her family are so kind and we really have a hood time and unforgettable experience in Kyoto, also a great chance to understand the difference between Kyoto and Nagasaki.
If we have a chance to visit Kyoto again, we would absolutely meet this lovely family again!
Thank you so much!


Hi , Yoriko, wow! I am so excited to meet you again! Tell me when will you come to Taiwan,please:)