Hey there,

I am Gayatri and I am a professional chef trained from one of the finest culinary schools in the world, The Culinary Institute of America. I have been a culinary enthusiast for as long as can I remember and followed my passion, cooking at home for a little over 15 years and cooking professionally for the past 2 years.

I have worked at The Taj Boston, The Peninsula Tokyo and have done several stages in New York's best restaurants. I have taught Indian cooking in Tokyo and Okinawa as well as at my school in the US. Before venturing into professional cooking, I published a food blog ( back in 2012-2013.

Apart from my native speciality Indian, I have cooked French and Mediterranean food professionally. In addition to the time tested favourites across these cuisines I like to create my own recipes using fresh, natural and easily available ingredients for home cooking enthusiasts. Over the years I have got a lot of appreciation from friends & colleagues encouraging me to teach or cater/host food events. So here I am, taking the plunge!

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We enjoyed authentic Indian breakfast at a beautiful place. Gayatri san was such a nice person and good at cooking, so we learnt a lot about Indian cuisine from her. We loved bothe her personality and dishes :) Hope to join her cooking class as well. Thank you, Gayatri san!

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I had good time at Gayatri san's.
Every meal made with beautiful color combination and tasted well.
She made everything from the beginning not only food but tea, when she prepared chai, she started from brending multi types of tea leaves, then add species, fresh milk and chopped fresh ginger. of course, tasted super delicious!
She is very open minded person has variety of experience and accurate suggestion for the topic you talk to.
I would be more than happy to see her again sometime. Thank you Gayatri san and her husband:)

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It was a great experience to visit Gayatri and tasted her delicious Indian cuisine.
What amazed me the most was that;
Gayatri has all the recipes by head, especially which spice goes into each dish,
to create a deep and different flavor.
Watching her cook over 1 hour was like looking at a magic show.

At the same time she is very organized to keep all of the many many spices in labeled containers,
which I came to a conclusion that her brain is nicely organized like her kitchen shelves.

Another fun thing was the conversation;
she told me about her family, especially the mother who taught Gayatri the joy of cooking.

At the end, she served a nice dessert and a cup of tea.
Well this TEA was something very special, the best Indian style milk tea I've ever tasted!!

I had been to India many times, and tried to cook Indian food myself, but always failed in taste.
This was a great occasion to learn a great tip; how to use various spices.
Wonderful to get to know Gayatri!!


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