Hello everyone !!
I am Aishwarya from Chennai, India. I completed my Master's in computers in India.
My husband is working in MNC. We lived in Singapore for past 5 years and moved to Tokyo 6 months back.I am Mom of two kids's. Since from my childhood, I am passionate towards cooking.
I always love to watch my mom cooking. After my marriage I started to explore the world of cooking.I usually read lot of books regarding different types of cuisine and google different recipes.I take tips from my Mom, grand mom and my mother- in-law.
Art of cooking is a ocean, I need to explore, learn till my end.
Now i just wanted to share some of my authentic south indian cuisine.
so friends! come and enjoy the homemade authentic indian delicacies.

South Indian Chicken curry / 南インドのチキンカレー

11月23日(水) 12:00

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Latha,thank you so much!
I had a fun time. I liked your delicious menu. I cooked the cucumber salad tonight. Of course I'll cook curry and chai,too. My daughter and husband liked your dish ,too. Please tell me the other dishes of South India,again. See you again!




Thank you very much, Latha!
I enjoyed her delicious dishes very much. Her dishes are wonderful and delicate and so delicious !!!
She showed me how to cook, and gave me two kinds of dosa. Her dosas are excellent !!
And her handmade sweets are also super excellent !!
She is very kind and warm-hearted, took care of me all the time.
I had a wonderful time with her and her husband, and lovely kids.
Thank you Latha, I'm very happy to meet you. I'll visit you again !!



Latha,Thank you so much for your warm hospitality with those fantastic South Indian menu. You explained each dish so in detailed along with your culture.Amazing!
And your menu changed the concept of ”Indian food”.
Especially, I enjoyed RICE. Yes,your coconut curry rice,and tomato curry rice were super.
I highly recommend all the hikers to experience your menu!
And me,of course,I'll visit you again
to enjoy other menu of yours.
Lastly you have such a wonderful husband,and so adorable,sweet kids.
Thank you again and again!

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