My name is Jurga, I am Lithuanian living in Tokyo. Me and my husband moved to Japan just this summer, where we'll be living for the next 3 years. A desire to travel encouraged us to seek for adventure and brought us far away from home - to Japan!

We love meeting new people and feel excellent in an international environment. Since I'm an enthusiastic cooker, I enjoy exploring different cultures' cuisines while travelling.

In my kitchen I use some ingredients that are brought from my home country since it's really difficult or even impossible to find them in Japan. The fragrant herbs were collected by myself at Lithuanian forests and meadows at this summer. Some herbs are grown here in my balcony.

My kitchen is not a fancy one but you can expect to find it in a sunny and cozy home-style. Dinner is served in a traditional way with Lithuanian linen tablecloths and brown clay pialas made by myself. If you wish to discover more about this unique small country, I would be more than happy to introduce an admiring photo album of unseen nature spots, show Lithuanian famous things: linen, amber and baltic jewellery, woven bands.

I would love to invite you to our place and share some secrets of unique traditional Lithuanian cuisine! We can make it as a cooking class if you wish!

If you are not confident in English, don't worry - my cooking classes are ok with English beginners! I will help you and this would be a great chance to improve your English communication skills!

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My mission on KitchHike is to reveal the secrets of unique Lithuanian cuisine and to wake Japanese imagination about how wonderful is Lithuania. The country I came from is even smaller than Hokkaido, having less than 3 million inhabitants. However, we have our own language, authentic culture and, of course, cuisine. There are no Lithuanian restaurants in all Asia and only few Lithuanians are living in Japan. Probably, the only chance to explore Lithuanian cuisine in Japan is come at my place! :)


The ones that are eager for cultural exchange and not afraid of trying new things :)


Lithuanians are in love with potatoes! :) Therefore, I am going to show, how many different and interesting dishes could be prepared from them: many kinds of pancakes, cepelinai, kugelis and others. I am planning to introduce Lithuanian fragrant smoked meats, aged cheese "Dziugas", fine berries and apples vines "Voruta", different kinds of Lithuanian herbs. During the Easter time I am planning a special workshop for traditional Easter eggs colouring using ethnic techniques that I learned from my grandmothers. Can't wait for that!


Yes! My biggest achievement would be arranging Cooking trips for Japanese to Lithuania. Why not visiting Lithuania together? :) I am dreaming about becoming a great guide for Japanese cooking students traveling to Lithuania: baking Lithuanian bread in the old village, picking mushrooms and berries in the wild forests, having Lithuanian BBQ by the lakeside, pressing cottage cheese, enjoying fresh veggies from my mothers garden and so on. :)