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Hi, I am Ghassan from Jordan. I like cooking very much specially the Middle Eastern one. My cooking experience was built up through different stages of my life! I am now working as a chef, and since one of my hobbies is cooking, I now enjoy my time wonderfully. I teach cooking in Japan since 1990. I am still teaching in many places so far. I introduce many recipes with my own touches on it. I also offer a collection of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes. Also, I introduce my own recipes! I love teach cooking and I find great pleasure in it!
こんにちは、私はヨルダンからガッサンです。 私は特に中東料理を料理するのが好きです。 私の料理の経験は、私の人生のさまざまな段階を通して構築されました! 私は今シェフとして働いています。私の趣味のひとつが料理であるので、今はすばらしい時間を楽しめます。 私は1990年以来、日本で料理を教えています。私はこれまでのところ多くの場所で教えています。 私はそれに私自身の触れで多くのレシピを紹介します。 私はまた、中東と地中海のレシピのコレクションを提供しています。 また、自分のレシピをご紹介します! 私は料理の教えが大好きで、私はそれに大きな喜びを感じます!

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It was fantastic experience for me to learn new recipe from chef Ghassan. Not only the main menu (Fatet Makkdos) but also the starter, salad, honey pumpkin and Arabian coffee are all delicious and gave me deeply impression about Arabic food culture.
His character was also nice. We could talk alot during cooking & tasting. Sometimes we sang, and even danced!!
I really appreciate his warm hospitality and I definitely come back to his pop-up again to learning more.
Thank you for wonderful time.







I had to help the family, my mother was very sick!


Simplicity and good taste!




Smooth, dynamic, amazing, and full of fun


All foods cooking because we can not live with out food!


To make a good understanding between people, and find new friends!


Am looking forward to meeting you!

Couscous with Mix Vegetables Stew Couscous can be called the world smallest pasta. In general Couscous -which is originated in the Middle East and spread word wild- is served with vegetables stew (like Carrots, Potato, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, etc.) cooked in a spicy or mild tomato sauce with meat (which could be Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Mutton). My original Couscous is served with the stew that consists of 14-20 types of seasonal vegetables; and seasoned by many types of spices (but not hot one), and served with Harissa (hot sauce) which is optional and is my original!

Yogurt Macaroni In hot climate, using plain yogurt in cooking, give’s a refreshing cooling feeling. So, we use the fresh and plain yogurt type -not the sweet one which is high in calories but the healthy ordinary or low-fat one- for that. We use it to make a refresh healthy main dish, salad, or herb dipping. Yogurt Macaroni is a light main meal which will help to give you a refreshing good feeling; it’s tasty and delicious every time you eat it even if it’s cold or warm!!

Fatet Makkdos In hot weather having a plain yogurt in the cooking gives a cooling feeling. So, we use the fresh and plain yogurt - not the sweet one which is high in calories - but the healthy, ordinary or low-fat types. It used in our area to make a healthy main dish, salad, or dips. Fatet Makkdos is a main meal which will help to give you a healthy refreshing good feeling in the hot summer sun, and also, it’s tasty and delicious every time you eat it hot or cold!!!

Maqlubet Beitenjan Maqluba is one of the traditional Arabic dishes in many Arabic countries. Consist of fried vegetables, meat, and rice placed in a saucepan, which is then flipped upside down when served, hence the name Maqluba came from, which is literally translated as "upside-down". The dish includes a variety of vegetables, such as Tomatoes, fried Potatoes, Carrots, Cauliflower, Eggplant, with chicken, beef or lamb meat. When the casserole is inverted, the top is red of the tomatoes, which is now the top layer and covering the golden vegetables, meat and rice. Served with Yogurt & Cucumber salad, or Green salad and Pickles, hot Harissa sauce (optional), etc.!

Dip & Salad are cut pieces of vegetables or cooked mashed vegetables, which we can eat it directly after finish preparing it; which served chilled, or at room temperature, or hot. In general served with a dressing (made of lemon & olive oil, etc.), and various decoration such as fried nuts, croutons; and sometimes with fried meat, pickles, cheese, eggs, olive, olive oil, parsley, check-peas, etc. My Original Set is consist of 4 types of dip salads, and Bread (tortilla, French, or Arabic Pita bread), with a grilled Shish-Kabab, or Chicken. This dips set is offered according to the seasonally available vegetable at the time.