ユーザー登録: 2014年5月

Hello! I love cooking, baking bread and singing...etc. I cook Japanese traditional home-cooked meals, based on macrobiotic. The style is called "Ichi-ju San-sai", means a bowl of rice, a cup of miso-soup and three dishes. It is daily ones I eat, not special. But they're simple, healthy and well-balanced . Menu will always change. The dishes are plant-based, Vegetarian and Macrobian are OK. Please tell me your request at the time of booking. So you can try to cook if you want. My location is old town near Osaka-station. You can walk from there about 20 min. My atelier is so small but cozy. You will enjoy meals and nice atmosphere. Let's taking a walk, eating and talking! Welcome! こんにちは! マクロビオティックに基づいた家庭料理を作っています。 玄米と季節のお野菜を中心とした、ふだんのお料理を 一汁三菜スタイルでお出ししています。 素材のもつ自然のおいしさを一緒に楽しみませんか。 都会の片隅の小さなアトリエです。 昭和の風情が残る下町の雰囲気も楽しめます。 皆さまのお越しをお待ちしております。 *マクロビオティックとは…  私たちの体を作る「たべもの」を通して、体と心の調和をはかる  「生活術」です。動物=植物、根菜=葉菜、海のもの=山のもの等  相対するもののバランスをとりながら、ニュートラルに持っていく  調理法でお料理を作ります。

レビュー (13)

  • Rie

    大好きな玄米食、そしてお野菜中心の優しい献立、すべて手づくりのデザートにドリンクまでついて、すっかり満たされました!(T . T)
    みかこさんのごはん、絶対リピしたいです〜〜〜( ´∀`)


  • Riet

    We had a great time cooking and eating with mikako and her friends. Since we are a group of 10,she even looked for a bigger space to enjoy the party...and the food was delicious and original.many thanks!


  • Emilie

    Great dinner in company of Mikako again :)
    Truly a friendly host and always very good and simple food that i can remake at home :)


  • Katrin

    Mikako is an incredible cook and a great host. The food was outstanding and one of my best dining experiences in Japan.


  • Ally

    Mikako is an excellent cook and great company. We learnt a lot about Japanese food and it was really interesting to find out about macrobiotics too. Mikako also let us try our hand at making a dish which was great fun. All the food tasted delicious, everything was made from scratch - we could tell there was a lot of care and preparation that had gone into making it. We had several different dishes, including a special Japanese "treasure bag" dish and a really tasty desert. Mikako's house is also very central and easy to get to. We'd highligh recommend having dinner with Mikako to anyone visiting Osaka! Thanks Mikako for a great evening!


  • Zach

    we had an amazing lunch with Mikako and shared cultural differences.
    the food she cooked was traditional and authentic.
    I recommend her for those who are keen to experience the traditional japanese cuisine.


  • Emilie

    It was great to enjoy Mikako s cooking once more.
    Again, it was delicious and she was a great host.


  • Quintin

    I had a wonderful dinner with Mikako-san! She is an amazing cook and extremely kind and friendly. This was an amazing experience and I am glad I had the opportunity to come into her home and enjoy the delicious dinner and the great company. I would highly recommend booking a dinner with Mikako if you are staying in Osaka, you will not regret it!


  • Sook Pheng


    thank you for letting me and Ronnie visit you in Osaka. it was a weekday and you just came back from work yet you still cooked such a good, nutritious meal for us.
    hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita!!
    you have become part of my wonderful Japanese experience in my trip this time.
    i will surely visit you again if i go to Japan.



  • Anne

    Mikako prepared for us a delicious vegetarian meal with a lot of small delicious dishes. She is a very open-minded person. Thanks a lot!


  • Mol

    Mikako offers the quintessential Japanese home life experience, nothing fancy or contrived-- just straightforward Japanese home cooking savored in an honest to goodness working class neighborhood. This is an experience my family and I will treasure for a long time. Oh, and Mikako's an excellent cook too.


  • Tsz Ting

    Mikako is a very nice person.
    Her dishes are healthy and tasty, especially the handmade dessert. She even made the jam herself! I could really feel that she made a lot of effort to serve me.


  • Scott

    Mikako was great! She cooked us a delicious, 6-course, authentic meal that we never could have hoped to find in any restaurant. (It's authenticity was confirmed when we showed the pictures of our meal to the staff at our hostel who were themselves impressed with the spread). Everything was made from scratch... the main dishes, the dessert, the marmalade ON the dessert... even the dishes we ate on were hand crafted by our hostess! Her skills as a baker and a cook were well showcased. The food was only rivaled by her hospitality; she was extremely accommodating between picking us up at the station so we wouldn't get lost finding her place to answering all of our cultural questions. We fully recommend you try it!