ユーザー登録: 2014年12月

Hii I'm ayako. I want u to know japanese culture and foods . I welcome u. please tell us about you and your country.

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  • Luk

    It was really nice to have dinner with Ayako san and Takuya san. Not only the food was delicious, but Ayako san let me watch the whole meal preparation as we discussed together.
    I spent a lovely evening and I warmly recommend Ayako san as a cook !


  • Sook Pheng

    i love Ayako!
    her apartment is really tidy and clean, not cluttered at all.
    Ayako, thank you for the wonderful meal you cooked for me and Ronnie, it is simple but so delicious without all the extra MSG and seasonings you get from outside food.
    the table is small for 4 people but i felt really warm sharing food with you and "your room mate" (sorry i forgot his name), exchanging stories and chatting happily.
    maybe because we are in the similar age group, talking with you the whole night seemed really exciting and enjoyable. i felt like chatting with an old friend. Both of you made us felt very welcomed and your English is also very good.
    and, i found a good friend who also love Shah Rukh Khan as much as i do! i hope you are able to watch his old movies, they are better than the latest one. i will try to find some of it for you and let you know once i got them.
    if i visit Japan in the future, i will definitely visit both of you again!!!



  • Erin

    Ayako and Akiko are so adorable.
    And their house is nice and nostalgia, very special.
    The Nabe(Japanese hot pot) they prepared for us is fresh and yummy!
    I can't believe I ate so much...(oh, my full belly)
    It's a fun experience to wear Yukata and eat sweets beside the kotatsu.
    What a wonderful dinner! We really had a good time with these "cho kawaii" Japanese girls.
    Thank you, Ayako & Akiko. Thank you, KitchHike.