ユーザー登録: 2015年3月

I'm a YouTuber, traveller and MTB rider(Beginner level). As a YouTuber, I'm making videos mostly for Japanese who are in the middle of English study, giving them hints about how to solve their problems from my own experiences. As a traveller, I went to Belize, Croatia, Kosrae, Australia and New Zealand Canada for the last 2 years. And I enjoyed riding bikes in all countries listed above as a rider. My favorite is MISO SOUPs. I've been dreaming of sharing my MISO SOUPs with my old and new friends from overseas. I' ll be super happy if I can share them with you!!! ★Watch my MISO SOUP video on you tube !

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  • Emilie

    Meg is a friendly lady and a good cook, she speaks fluent English so it was great for communicating, her miso soup is very tasty !