ユーザー登録: 2015年4月

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  • chica

    23th April KitchHike! !
    Maple and Kerry came from Melbourne in Australia.
    This time is the 5th time to come to Japan and will stay for 4 days.
    They are looking forwerd to going to the "Onsen" Entertainment in Odaiba and Hitsujiyama park in Chichibu,
    They got married in January of this year and took a marriage picture by Arashiyama in Kyoto.
    I saw a very beautiful picture which was taken surrounded by a lot of banboos.

    We cooked Japanese traditional foods together.
    Maple was surprised about how little oil i use for japanese traditional foods.

    We went waking aroud here after lunch.
    This area used to be a fisherman village which fishermans presented fishes to Tokugawa Ieyasu 400 years ago.
    Kenny knows the name of Ieyasu. I was surprised about that !

    They are very kind and so friendly.
    I hope to see them again,thank you~~


  • Kadobata