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ユーザー登録: 2015年8月

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Im a keen cook as well. I love cookery very much and cook different kinds of dishes to my friends and families always !! I'm an outgoing person and love to know new friends from all around the world ! I love cookery, music , photography, travelling, marathron, tennis , volleyball , swimming , diving!!! Wooohooo !! Looking forward to see you and enjoy the cooking process and enjoy the meal together !


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    We cooked one soup and three dishes for Japanese dinner style. We boiled fishes、vegitables and shirataki by shouyu、sake、mirin(Japanese soning). She cut tofu like a flower. She took many pictures、and studied how it is made.
    After the dinner, we enjoyed Japanese culture through Japanese tea ceremony.
    I am very happy to meet her. She will definitely make everyone smile and happy and everyone will like her‼︎


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    She is really sociable and fun. She goes to ABC cooking school in Hong Kong to learn Japanese food.
    We did our shopping to buy some ingredients at a supermarket together. For lunch we cooked a cool udon and tenpura.
    Also we had a purple sweet potato which is so rare colour. Then we compared the thickness of udon、as we were having 2
    typs of udon、thick one and thin one. Anyway we had a very fun time‼︎
    And we walked along Sumida river to see some intrersting spots. I was so happy as she seems like those spots‼︎