ユーザー登録: 2016年1月

Hello! My name is Helen and I live and work in Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands. One of my passions is travelling. I really enjoy learning about other cultures and to meet people from other countries. The last couple of years I have travelled to Australia, Nepal, different islands of Indonesia, Singapore and a lot of countries in Europe (which are so close by from where I am living 😀). An other passion is food! I love to cook for family and friends, trying out new dishes. It gives me great pleasure when everyone is enjoying the meal I have prepared for them. I also love to eat myself, especially when I am travelling! So many delicious things to eat in this world!! When I found this website I was very happy. Two things I really like to do, combined! Discover food from an other country while meeting new people and learning about their culture. Groetjes (greetings in Dutch) Helen.

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  • chica

    Helen and Olga are very friendly.
    Helen is first time and Olga is second time to come to Japan.
    I am not so good at English but we became friends immediately.
    We cooked together friendly and had a fun Japanese green tea selemony.
    And we also went walking around here.
    They taught me the information about many Netherlands.

    They have long time vacation,4 weeks this time.
    They like to go to traditional places especially to be arounded by a quiet place.
    They aer looking forward to going to Koyasan,
    That plan will be a great memory for them.
    I would like them to know about Japanese culture more.

    I want to say them, "Thank you very much to come to my home, i had a great time!!"