ユーザー登録: 2016年3月

hello! i´m ariane, a berlin based food photographer, blogger, designer and passionate traveller. addicted to ice cream and deeply in love with lisbon.

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  • chica

    Ariane came to Tokyo from Germany on 6th.
    It's the first Japanese trip for her.
    She is a foodphotgrapher,blogger,writer .
    She have been to meny countries like Costarica, Ecuador, India etc.
    This time, we cooked traditional japanese foods very precisely for one hour.
    We enjoyed that time so much.

    After the lunch we went walking aroud sumida river.
    We went to the tsukudani shop and she tried to eat a grasshopper.
    I was surprised she said that it is better than Cambodia one!!

    She will go to Naoshima in setouchi sea, Kanemitsu miso factory in fukuyama.
    Naoshima is the art island and that factry is organic, they are very interesting for me!
    I am looking forward to seeing her lovely photos!!