ユーザー登録: 2016年4月

Hi I am Celeste and my husband is Richard. We love to travel and explore different places and cultures.

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  • chica

    Celeste & Richard are Maple & Kerry's friends who came to my KitchHike on April.
    I am very happy!Thank you!
    First we went to Tsukuda. This area is very local.
    There are many old houses, a few old shops, and an old shrine.
    The place here is often used for photography.
    She said that this place reminded her of happy childhood.
    Richard can not eat seafood, so this time we cooked Chicken hamburger.
    He worked very hard to make grated Japanese radish.
    It is very hard work, so it is my hasband's work in my home.
    Richard, Thank you!
    I considered the menu for many days.
    Once more I noticed that washoku is used many seafood.
    I was so grad to see he eating everything good!