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ユーザー登録: 2016年5月

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    Richard & Renate came from Dusseldorfer in Germany.
    This city is famous that there are many Japanese people, 5000.
    This time is the 2nd time to come to Japan for them and will stay for 2 weeks.
    They are looking forwerd to going to Hakodate, Sapporo, Nagasaki,Kagoshima.

    They said that German mainly eat meat , fried food.
    Their understanding of Japanese food is healthy.
    And they only had sushi,tenpura,shabushabu,okonomiyaki.
    So they want to learn Japanese traditional foods.
    We cooked just like a cooking class.
    They took a picture of fish,konbu,etc. We enjoyed a lot.
    I think that they can buy and cook Japanese food perfectly in Dusseldorfer.
    I am glad that their favorite foods were simmered fish and burdock(gobou).
    I'm happy that they respected Japanese foods.

    There was an another surprise.
    They chose my KitchHike this time by friend's introduction of Ariane
    who had come in April.
    I'm thankful for the relationship with a person and a person.
    I'd really like to cook with them once again!!