ユーザー登録: 2016年6月

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  • chica

    Ben,Nic,Daniel came from Austraria Parse, which is the second city we want to live in the world.They are students in Uni, and youngest boys in my KitchHike!
    They were supprised me Three points.
    1.They crimed Mt.Fuji and Daniel wore short pants.
    But they could go to the top,and saw sun rise.Grate!!
    I like to crime mountan,too. But i have not crimed Mt,Fuji yet.
    Becouse it is crowded there, many many people want to crime.
    2.Their city is very hot in summer, it is 45℃!!
    20th was very hot day (33℃).
    They wore no hat. But they were fine.
    I had to put up a parasol, becouse i felt so hot!!!
    3.They eat kangaroo and crocodile.
    They said Kangaroo is delicious and they eat crocodile with no sauce.
    I think that those animals must be in zoo!!

    Ben and Daniel ate all Japanese traditional foods.
    Ben liked Nikujaga and burdock. Daniel liked Nisakana(stewed fish).
    But Nic was full. Really? I think he was hungry.
    Next time i will cook fried chicken for Nic.
    I enjoyed a lot with them like talking to my son! Thank you.