ユーザー登録: 2016年6月

We are a family, a couple with a baby and grands parents, 4 adult and a baby boy, very funny, love travelling, sharing good moment, love food.

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  • chica

    Lamontre's family is a couple with a baby and grands parents.
    A baby's name is Tom.Tom is one year old.
    They are from Lyon in France and it is their first time to come to Japan.
    They tought me that Lyon is close to high mountain like Mt.Fuji.

    They liked potato and meat(nikujyaga)and fish boiled soy sauce(nisakana).
    Ofcouse Tom can eat potato,carotte, and small Onigiri.
    I was glad he ate very well!!

    The family each everyone have works.
    But thay have travelled many countries,Senegal,India,etc.
    And thay have a holiday for 3 weeks in japan.
    They seem very happy and enjoy thire life.
    Do Japanese people have a wonderful life like them??