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ユーザー登録: 2016年7月

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I'm from Hyogo and just moved to Tokyo from Osaka this year. There are many good and sincerity agricultural producers in Japan. I'm good at finding them and love to cook their products with Japanese seasoning.
I'm interested in foreign cultures and traditional meal too. So I hope I can meet many people from around the world at kitchhike! Let's enjoy together! ;)





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    Miyuki is japanese young lady.
    It is my first time to welcome the japanese lady for my KitchHike(about 1 year)
    She has been intrested in natural foods and cooking.
    I have thought that l want to teach our traditional foods to japanese young lady.
    So we mached!!!
    We cooked together ,it was so happy time for us.
    She has thought that cooking together makes us frendry very soon.
    She experienced that thing in Austraria.

    Thukuda area is first time for her.
    Her business is very busy every day,but she said this time is slow time for her.
    She smiles all the time!
    I like her smile.Thank you!!