ユーザー登録: 2016年7月

Hi!My name is Michi.I live in Tokyo. My hobbies are traveling ,to watch sports, to play outside and to eat! love to meet people from all over the world. I can't cook well. So I wanna know how to cook yummy food. Thank you for readind!

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  • Aya(ちいさな畑)

    Michi さん、昨日はご来店ありがとうございました。


  • Tomok

    michi is great Hiker! She is very nice person and kindly, helpful :) this Pop-up was the first time in Japan for me, so I felt really wonderful time with her (I'm so lucky with her;)) and i was glad to share the time through my cooking! I want to meet her again!:):) I recommend to future cooker and welcome back!


  • KitchHike User

    Dear Michiko san
    I had a very nice time cooking together, you and Shizuka san were really very good. As we want through the cooking, we had nice time which made us not to feel the time passing out, also during eating, or having the dessert with Arabic coffee.
    To me it was very nice time, and I think you too felt the same way. I love these cooking time with many different people and making new friends in this busy world. Thank you so much Shizuka san it was wonderful time! I hope you can visit me again!
    July 2016


  • chica

    Michi is frendly and energetic lady!
    She likes to trip in the world.
    For example, Canada, Australia,Turkey,Cambodia,the Philippines,New Caledonia.
    When she went to the world,
    she felt that to know japan culture deeply was very important.
    My KitchHike is one soup and three dishes, japanese traditional culture.
    So she came to my KitchHike this time.
    I think that she could know cooking recipe and learn tea selemony.
    She experienced japanese traditional work,like tea cup,kettle,tea bowls,etc.
    I hope she will be a genuine japanese lady ( we call that 'Yamatonadeshiko')
    l hope she will get various culture of many counties from KitchHike.