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ユーザー登録: 2016年7月

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I am a old woman, but i like to experience lifestyle of Japan and Europe, also love to travel, make new friends, and to realize the interesting of the different country, especially through gourmet food to know the local culture.


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    She came from Taiwan, she likes urban and big cities.
    she is a business woman, her job is to plan an advertisement which means she is very busy normally.
    So she was looking forward to going to Astushi 's concert in Tokyo Dome.

    Her taiwan name is very difficult for me, so i named her " sui ".
    "sui" is 彗. 彗 is 彗星.
    彗星 is the star that has histories of the Sun Genesis.
    It is very beautiful brighting star that we can look from the earth.
    This name is perfect for her, because she is creative and beautiful.

    She said my room, my little garden and my sweets are cute.
    They make me comfortable in my life.
    I hope my KitchHike's gests also can feel this same feeling.
    So i hope Hiker will come to my house.
    I am glad she likes my house and my greetings.

    We can be a close friend in such a short time,thank you kitchHike!!