ユーザー登録: 2016年8月

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  • chica

    Mindy and Doris are cousin.Mindy came from Taiwan.
    Doris works in Japan.
    We knew the each culture, nature, foods, school's lunch box,etc.
    Many factries are in west Taiwan, the nature is in east Taiwan.
    Chimaki is steamed in north Taiwan,but it boilled in south Taiwan.
    In japan lunch box, rice is separated from the foods, but in Taiwn, its rice is under the foods.

    Mindy gifted me taiwan sweets that they eat on the moon season on Sept.
    I sarved Japanese sweets that we eat at that time as well.
    We are the same mind each other!!
    She came to Japan three times this year already.
    And this autumn she and her father will come to Kyoto.

    Doris works very hard everyday in Noda.
    She wil stay in Japan till Feb.
    I think that she is so smart.
    She can speak 3 languages perfectly.
    I hope that she can demonstrate her ability to the future's work.

    We started our friendship on this KitchHike's day!!