ユーザー登録: 2016年11月

こんにちは、Asakoです。 halettoというおでかけスポットを紹介するサービスでプロデューサー兼編集長をやっています。 わたしはあまりお料理は得意ではないのですが、食べることが大好き。 KitchHikeを通じてたくさんの食卓と、たくさんの人に出会って、 人生豊かに過ごすことができたらいいなぁと思ってます。

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    Dear Miss Asako
    I had a very nice time cooking together with you, and you were really very good. As we want through the cooking, eating, & having the dessert; we had nice time which made us not to feel the passing time.
    I believe that I had one of very best cooking classes up to now. I had very nice & special time not easy to forget, and I think you felt the same way, too I hope. I love these cooking classes with many new nice people and which make new friends in this busy world we living in. Thank you so much Miss Asako it was so wonderful time Thank you again! I hope to see you again!
    Nov. 26, 2016