ユーザー登録: 2013年5月

I am vegeterian since 2010. I do not want to kill animals to feed myself, nor put them in small cages from their birth until being slaughtered. So I improved myself in vegetarian and vegan cuisine. I usually cook in Mediterranean style, dishes full of tomatoes in summer, extra virgin olive oil made in Agean villages and organic seasonal vegetables.

レビュー (2)

  • Masaya

    It was beautiful meeting through KitchHike! Gulsah was great COOK and host! Her hospitality is amazing. We really enjoyed Turkey home made meals with her nice friends. We could see the Bosporus from nice terrace while eating. This delicious experience was one of the best memories of my journey. When we visit Istanbul next time, wanna meet her and enjoy her meals again!


  • Oda Hiroko

    She and her friends welcomes us friendly.
    Her house is located in local and fascinating area.
    Terrace view was great!! Beautiful Bosporus!
    Her turkish dishes are only vegetable,its unique.
    You will be satisfied with variegated vegetable tastes.
    Especially eggplants and tomatoes are suitable to istanbul summer!