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I am a very creative and fun loving person,Kitchen has been always my best friend...I feel ,I can make anyone and everyone happy through my creative and delicious cuisines.

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  • Masako

    Mousumi San
    Thank you very much for your east-Indian dishes and your fantastic talk. We spent wonderful time at your popup. You answered many sudden questions very kindly. We enjoyed looking at your cooking itself and also the conversation. All of us smelled chopped red-onion and mustard oil. I will buy the mixed five spices.

    You arranged the recipe simple that we could make them easily at home. Actuality my husband cooked yogurt one with homemade eggplants as dinner on that day.
    Arigatou again and say hello to your family.


  • KitchHike User

    Thank you for your kind hospitality, mousumi !
    So comfortable and cute design home.
    I like Indian cuisine, but its first time for me to try Eastern Indian cuisine.
    I enjoyed nice cuisine and communication, thanks !


  • Runa



  • saeko



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  • kayoko

    Thank you very much for lunch! We enjoyed your food so much. It was superb!! I hope you will show me how to cook indian sweets next time.


  • Yumi

    She knows indian food well!
    Even though She came from East part of India, she can tell other regions of food!

    Her family welcomed me and it was comfortable to stay there.

    What I can eat at an indian restaurant is different from what I had through the kitch hike.
    I recommend you to visit her home once!


  • Shimizu

    She is a great cooker! Masterd fish curry was so fantastic!!


  • Taka

    Mousumi-san and her family had me down at very warm atmosphere, and I enjoyed pulav (spiced rice) & Veg curry, which she kindly and specialy selected as I asked her to tell me how to use spices properly when cooking Indian curry. It was very interesting to learn basic skill of using a verious kind of spieces. She kindly showed me lots of spices at her kitchen she, including some stuff from her home town in India which smell so nice! Of course food was so delicious as you can imagine. Highly recommended if you would like to enjoy some authentic Indian cuisine near by.


  • Oda Hiroko

    Bengali cuisine is not familiar in Japan than northern Indian cuisine.
    But I recommend because it is healthy and tasty!
    Mustard flavor makes Bengal curry tasty.
    And she is great COOK. She cooks 3 dishes in the twinkling of an eye!
    And she is very polite to cook. I need to study from her!
    My friends who use KitchHike first time,enjoyed Bengal meals with kind couple and cute child.


  • Yutaka

    Mousumi is a very cheerful and kind women! She is from eastern part of India from the state of Odisha. On the day she cooked and explained how to cook her traditional Indian food with many kinds of spices called MASALA. Her "Mustard Fish Curry" ,"Spicy Yogurt", "Dry Fruits Pulao" were so delicious while first time to eat! After having lunch, I enjoyed "Hot Chai" with ginger, also so excellent...Highly recommended!