ユーザー登録: 2015年8月

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  • Roy

    Yesterday I had the pleasure of playing host to two lovely ladies Ari and Hiromi as my first hikers to come and enjoy my home cooked dishes. I made Jerk Chicken as this was the main dish they wanted to try. To accompany that I also made Rice & Peas which is made using red kidney beans and coconut milk. mmm-mmm good. I also introduced another Jamaican traditional dish Ackee & Saltfish (which is a traditional breakfast dish but can be eaten anytime) which they absolutely loved. Can't blame them as it's one of my favorites too. The ladies brought beer and wine with them and I also shared some Red Stripe Beer(imported from Jamaica). They watch me as I prepared the ingredients and started the cooking process. They asked question and we talked and laugh as the food cooked. I also made a Jamaican coconut cake (we call it "Toto") for desert. We ate, drank and talked into the evening until they were ready to leave. A very great first experience that I enjoyed alot. Thank you Ari& Hiromi. You are welcome back anytime.