ユーザー登録: 2016年3月

I am Carine, I am French but live in Barcelona (Spain) with my younguest son, I have 2 other sons who are now at University in France.
I am very curious about other cultures, that's why I enjoy so much being in Spain right now....this year I have gone crazy about Japan, I am starting to learn Japanese (but it is not easy!!) and I am also discovering japanese cooking (from a book), I am looking forward to discovering the real japanese cuisine as well as how japanese live...

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  • Haruko

    My daughter and I had a wonderful evening with Carine and her lovely son, both of whom were very gentle, intelligent, and also enthusiastic about learning about Japan, not only Japanese cooking but also Japanese houses, Kimono, Tea Ceremony, religion and so on. It was a great pleasure for us to cook, eat, and talk about a lot of things with them. I was surprised to see how skillfully Carine and the boy wrapped the ingredients with dumpling skins to make crispy spring rolls and how beautifully they garnished the sushi rice with the prepared ingredients to make Chirashizushi. We are more than happy if they enjoyed the procedure and that the dishes tasted good to them. We would really love to have them again for dinner next time they visit Kyoto.


  • chica

    She and her son came from Spain(the French), will come back to home tomorrow.
    They have stayed in Kyoto and Tokyo for 9 days.
    They went to Kinkaku temple, ninna temple.
    She saw meny people wearing Kimono,
    but those people were Chainese, not Japanese.
    There were many chainese travelers, she were surprised!

    Today my two friends enjoyed, too.
    We cooked japanese food together for one hour.
    She cut tofe like a flower very well and learned good!
    So I think that she will cook traditional foods
    that are a stewed pork and poteto , clear soup
    and stewed fish when she is in Spain.