ユーザー登録: 2016年4月

Enjoy Japanese traditional dishes at Traditional old Japanese house. You can also see antique folding screen 京都へは20分!奈良の大仏さんまでは10分!の電車の移動で観光も存分にお楽しみいただける場所に我が『古民家うまのほね』はございます。 おもむきあふれる古民家では屏風や骨とう品をご覧いただきながらお食事をどうぞお楽しみください。パーキング完備でお車でお気軽におこし頂いても結構でございますし駅からも近いですので御送迎いたします。

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  • Haruko

    Fumi, Tomoko and Chikage were great guests, who made my first KitchHike event with Japanese people truly meaningful. I was impressed with how eagerly they tried to absorb every piece of knowledge about ingredients and cooking methods of the Middle Eastern cooking. And also, they were very interested in customs in different cultures. We talked a lot, and laughed a lot from the beginning to the end. I would really like to keep in touch with these greatly active and nice people.