ユーザー登録: 2016年6月

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  • Haruko

    What a pleasure it was to have Nicole again for dinner at our place! She came to kitchhike with us in July, and came back after traveling various places in West Japan for almost one month. We celebrated our one-month friendship and enjoyed the dinner. And in addition, we enjoyed the view of Daimonji, the giant bonfire ceremony on the mountains of Kyoto held on the last day of Obon (August 16) from the rooftop of the building where our family live. It was heavily raining that night, but we were lucky enough to see the fire blaze about 30 minutes. Nicole may have brought the luck. She is the luckiest. bravest and toughest traveler I've ever met. To listen to the interesting stories of her worldwide adventures in our living room was a priceless luxury. I sincerely hope we will keep in touch and meet again in Kyoto, and/or in Brussels.


  • Haruko

    Nicole and her husband William are wonderful guests whose presence surely make your dinner truly cheerful and pleasant. They have traveled more than 50 countries and have a lot of experience meeting people from different cultures. What an energetic couple! That may be why they are so open-minded and able to enjoy everything as it is. My daughter and I fully enjoyed cooking together with them, answering their questions, and laughing at their jokes, seeing them trying new foods, which may have been very exotic to them, but they are were keen to learn about local foods. I hope the couple will continue exploring Japan and other countries, and hopefully come again to our home!


  • chica

    Nicole and William came to Japan first time from Brussels, Belgium.
    They stay for 45 days! arround kyoto,himeji,onomichi,miyajima,nagasaki,

    In Belgium highest place is 300m, wide is 120km.
    As everyone lives in suburb,
    they must take 90minutes to go to center (20km)by the car.
    And they work from 7:30am till 4:00 or 5:00.
    All shops close at 7:00pm.
    Everyone like to play children at thier home garden together.
    In summer holidays children have two mounths and adult have twenty days.

    Nicole and William go to trip fifty countries!
    I think that their life style is very good for busy japanese people.
    I want go to many countries like them!!